Orthopedic Surgery

Since Dr. Allphin opened his clinic in 1994 he has seen it all. From beanie babies and pagers to fidget spinners and smartphones! One thing that hasn't changed are pets with knee and hip problems. 

In his 25 years of practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Allphin has become quite experienced in orthopedic surgeries. Orthopedic surgery is a broad term for the surgical repair of any bone or joint such as the knee or hip. You may have heard of injuries to the ACL/MCL in people. Dogs also can get similar injuries that require surgical intervention. We all know as pet owners how frustrating and limiting life can be with a lingering injury to any one of these joints. If your fur baby is limping or having trouble walking, ask us about the options and we can create a treatment plan for your pet that can help them live out the best life possible! It may surprise you how affordable these surgeries can be! 

Our goal as your veterinary clinic is to give your pets all the same love, affection and care that they give to you! 

We also want to make sure this is the best option for your four legged friend and are happy to provide FREE second opinion exams for any pet who has been recommended for surgery by another clinic.

Orthopedic Surgery Part 1

Damaged CCL

Orthopedic Surgery Part 2

Orthopedic Surgery Part 3

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